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those who bring good news

~  Romans 10:15 ~

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Is there a difference between Crusades and Open air meetings? Yes

Whenever we conduct a Crusade, we will spend much time and finances in such a Crusade. A Crusade must be organized, it must be held in a place like school hall, tent whatever the case might be. It is well organized and advertised.

An Open Air Meeting is very spontaneous. This is normally held in rural areas.  When a great crowd is gathered, Deon will preach the Word of God to them. This Open Air Meetings has great impact because its mainly unbelievers that is the crowd. He will preach the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, and afterward give the altar call. Afterwards the S.O.C team (Soldiers Of Christ) will minister prayer to all who asks for prayer. Many are healed and delivered during this time. Then, every adult, one per household receives a free DVD with a powerful sermon on it.  And every child receives sweets.