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... As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of

those who bring good news

~  Romans 10:15 ~

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Where did it all started

In the beginning of the year 2008 Deon prayed and asked God for a more effective way of reaching the unbelievers for JESUS. Then after some time Deon started to sense God laying on his heart to make a DVD with a powerful Message of repentance on it and to walk from house to house and distribute these DVD’s.  This was also during the time he planted the church in Komati. Then he started sharing about this project to some of the youth in his church. They all agreed that it will be an effective way of reaching the lost for Christ. There was only one great obstacle and that was the finances. They all knew that this would cost a great deal of money. Well, they all believe that God lead them to start a fund raising project where they would go out and stand on street corners with banners that said: Evangelism Project etc, and they would have decorated bottles in their hands that people could throw money in. The very first time they went out to the streets with this new fund raising project, God blessed them in 3 hours time with little over R 9 000,00. After that, they went out almost every weekend and have this fund raising projects. Within little over 3 months, God blessed them with a huge amount of money. They could now buy the DVD Printer, Duplicator, Blank DVD’s, Video Camera and accessories etc.

God gave Deon a very simple but a message with impact to preach one Sunday night. Deon said:  “I remember coming out of the hospital the Saturday just before the Sunday that I would preach this message. I broke my arm the Friday afternoon by falling between 6 or 7 meters, we were busy painting our church building, the ladder slipped and fell. Well the Sunday evening came, and I went to church, preaching a message on the Rapture. Now God laid it on my heart to speak about this subject. For me it was just a simple, easy message, nothing “spit, sweat, evangelistic” message, nothing huge. My broken arm was in pain, I drank quite a bit of painkillers, so for me it was not the best message that I preached, but God used it…

It reminds me of the words of the Apostle Paul…”

it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

 1 Corinthians 1:21

We started distributing this DVD, and the impact that it made until so far can never be described with words (Click here to see some of the Testimonies). So many people came to JESUS, giving their lives over to the LORD; many were healed and delivered because of the Anointed Message on this DVD.

When they started with this DVD project, they would place this DVD in a DVD Sleeve and then in a small plastic bag and seal it. They started off in the Mpumalanga Province, they would choose small towns and would walk from house to house and distribute this DVD, placing it in peoples gates, cars, underneath doors etc… They would do this, choose a certain town and then walk through the neighborhood of that town, distributing this specific DVD. After some month’s of doing this, they started moving out of the Mpumalanga and did some other towns in other provinces

35 Towns is Mpumalanga

6 Towns in the Northern Cape

1 Town in Freestate

This is where they walked from house to house distributing this DVD.

Many other places they would just randomly distribute this DVD. In December 2010 they distributed many of this DVD’s while conducting Open Air Meetings, afterwards, they would give the people this DVD.

In the month of September 2010, Deon started speaking about this DVD project on Kruiskyk. He told the people they could receive their copy of this DVD freely. Many people order this DVD, many people ordered 100’s of this DVD. People would order a certain amount of this DVD to distribute it in their home towns, among friend, family and relatives. Orders started coming in from all over South Africa. We have posted thousands and thousands of this DVD’s to people to be distributed.

As from September 2010 until January 2011 We distribute +- 20 000 DVD’s only on Kruiskyk. This is just DVD’s that was ordered over Kruiskyk, there are thousands and thousands we have distributed on outreaches etc..

The feedback we have received, telephone calls,

emails, text messages, it is just mind blowing.

So many people received JESUS CHRIST as Lord

of their life's because of this DVD. (Click here to

see some of the Testimonies)  

We have a wide range of other DVD’s, Anointed

teachings and preaching’s which people order.

This DVD’s helped so many people to grow in the Lord.